Three Medical Technology Inventions That Changed The Course Of History

Laser_Figure2The last century of medical history has seen some of the greatest and most radical breakthroughs in medical technology with advancements continuing to be constructed. A great part of the developments was due to the boost in computer technology and its application in medical science allowing new devices to open their fields to new growth. This article will discuss merely three of the numerous medical technology inventions that changed the course of history and positively affected humanity.

1. The Laser Scalpel

Shortly after successfully testing the first laser in 1960, the field of ophthalmology was altered completely. The carbon dioxide laser, discovered in 1964, allowed doctors and scientists to collaborate and invent the first laser scalpel. This laser scalpel presented with such a great amount of precision that it was used extensively in the field of ophthalmology; as well as in additional medical fields completing various complex and delicate surgeries.

2. The Pacemaker

In the early 1950s electrical engineer John Hopps created the world’s first cardiac pacemaker. While it was invented in the early 1950s, it was not until the late ’50s that the first implantable pacemaker was developed. This implantable pacemaker was designed and formed by renowned researcher Wilson Greatbatch while he was living in New York. The pacemaker is one of the most influential medical instruments currently available as it is used worldwide to assist individuals suffering from cardiac conditions.

3. The CT Scanner

Designed by British scientist Sir Godfrey Hounsfield, the first viable CT scanner was available for commercial use in 1971. To this day physicians across the globe utilize this highly sophisticated device as a medical imaging tool to diagnose or investigate illnesses by screening the patient’s body.

Final Words On The Matter

The devices above are merely three of the numerous technological breakthroughs created to improve our medical system. By using this information you have a better understanding of how important technology is to the medical sciences.

What Does a Chiropractor Do?

Chiropractors especially in – chiropractor upper east side area are experts that treat bone, muscle, and joint disorders by using their hands to manipulate the body” in particular the spine. Chiropractic therapy is considered to be an alternative therapy, but it is recognized by the NHS and it is often used as a way to treat back pain and muscle issues.

Responsible chiropractors treat spinal conditions such as neck pain and lower back pain. There are some chiropractors, however, that claim that they can treat asthma, colic, and even irritable bowel syndrome. This is something that the NHS is concerned has never been proven. Care provided by a chiropractor should only be care that is informed by the best evidence, and that takes into account the preferences of the patients.

Chiropractors practice all over the world and are available on the NHS in the UK, as well as privately. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence recommends that people who are suffering from persistent lower back pain consider spinal manipulations if they are unable to enjoy relief using other treatment options.

Private chiropractic treatment can cost between $50 to $80 in the US on average” although it can be much more or less depending on the area and the reputation of the chiropractor. The treatments are generally considered to be effective for spinal issues, and they can be useful if you have chronic back pain, although they are not a one-off treatment” they are something that you will need to get on a regular basis. Chiropractors perform “adjustments”, and to prevent the pain from coming back, you will need to have regular maintenance adjustments.

Chiropractors work on the framework of bones and muscles that support the body. They believe that the musculoskeletal system must be all in alignment to ensure that the body is working properly. They also believe that spinal subluxations are responsible for a lot of different illnesses and that fixing those using ‘adjustments’ will offer relief. Modern medicine disagrees with the idea that subluxations in the spine could, for example, cause IBS or asthma” but there is evidence that manipulating the spinal cord can help with many other things” back pain can cause tension that could cause headaches, for example.

Chiropractors are required to do a lot of studies, and at the end of their program of study, they are able to call themselves a Doctor of Chiropractic. In some areas, they can prescribe some things such as painkillers, and refer for other treatments, but they are not medical doctors, and this means that they cannot treat all illnesses. It is a good idea for someone who has persistent medical issues to go and see a qualified medical doctor. Your doctor will be able to rule out any serious underlying medical conditions that a chiropractor cannot fix, and they will be able to refer you to a good chiropractor if they believe that such a thing makes more sense than taking painkillers to relieve chronic pain.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Marketing a small business the traditional way is quite stressful and costly at the same time. That’s where social media marketing comes in handy. In fact, a small business needs to choose effective as well as affordable marketing channels to promote their products and services. Most of the start-up businesses run on a thin budget and can’t afford to spend a fortune on advertising at the beginning. Here are some of the best social media marketing tips for your small business.

Social media networks help the small business to connect with their clients quickly. It helps build a good customer relationship which would have cost a fortune if they had to do it the traditional way. That’s why you need to take advantage of the best social media networks out there to promote your business without further delay. If not, you are losing your valuable clients to your competition. Maintain social profiles on the social media sites where your customers mostly gather. In fact, you have to know the nature of your ideal customer before you select the right platforms to become active.

Social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ allow you to reach out to your ideal customer and build a healthy relationship with them. You have to engage your clients in the discussion on your social profiles. Try to encourage them to talk about your products and answer their questions about the goods and / or services you promote. That way you can quickly build a healthy relationship with your ideal customer. These are some of the most valuable tips to help your business with social media marketing. If you are from New York, then you can hire Best Long Island, New York Search Engine Marketing Agency to do your marketing staff. It helps improve your brand awareness and conversions in the long run. That’s why you should invest in social media marketing for your small business right now.

Why We Need Vitamin D?

Most of us know that vitamin D can be found in milk, and is produced by the skin when exposed to sunlight. However, what does vitamin D do? Few people know what exactly it is that this vitamin does for the body.

The primary function that scientists have identified for vitamin D is its role in absorbing calcium for bone growth. Vitamin D deficiency in children results in soft bones that do not grow properly as well as lack of naturally occurring amino acid ergothioneine. In adults, bones will instead become overly brittle and easily broken, as well as becoming misshapen. Besides promoting healthy bones, vitamin D has some other essential functions.

Deficiency in vitamin D has been linked to some diseases, including colon, prostate, and breast cancer. It also is tied to depression, weight gain, and heart disease. Individuals with higher levels of vitamin D have a lower instance of all of these diseases, though it has not been conclusively proven that vitamin D supplements alone can help lower chances of these diseases.

Some scientists also believe that vitamin D could help treat chronic pain, depression, cancer, autism, autoimmune disease, flu, and some other diseases and disorders. While the evidence does exist that vitamin D may be related to these diseases, clinical trials have not yet begun, so it is hard to say whether there is any merit to these claims.

While there are many correlations found between vitamin D and various diseases, the only confirmed role of vitamin D is aiding the absorption of calcium into bones to promote a strong skeleton. However, there is significant evidence that vitamin D also plays a prominent role in the immune system, which means that vitamin D deficiency can be linked to many illnesses. Getting enough vitamin D every day is important!

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Ways Healthcare Providers Can Help Children Feel At Ease


Healthcare providers know their role in a child’s life is important, but it can be difficult to make them feel at ease.

Here are ways to make sure it is done the right way.

1) Create Welcoming Environment

Start with the environment. You should be looking to set up a small play space where they can go as they wait to be called in. You should be ready with friendly staff members who know how to deal with children who are ill.

This makes a real difference.

2) Remain Friendly

It is important to have a smile on your face and encourage them every step of the way. It is all about relieving them of some of the fear they might have built up.

This is where the healthcare provider has to drive their focus as soon as possible. They can offer BCBA jobs to get an expert.

3) Provide Rewards For Completion Of Appointment

Children should be encouraged after they go through with the appointment. It should act as a reward to enable them to trust what is going on. This can be a scary experience for any child, and that is why it is important for healthcare providers to set up small rewards.

What can the rewards include?

It can be a small toy or even a lollipop.

Many dentists do this because they realize how frightening it can be for a child to have their teeth worked on. The same applies to all healthcare providers.

It is these simple changes that can have a profound impact on a child’s experience at a clinic and what they take out of it. Too many kids are scared of going to their doctor because they don’t want to push through fear as they might have been made to in the past.

With these three ways, a healthcare provider can set the foundation for a better experience.

A History Of Brass Knuckles

brass-knuckles-1258994_640Brass knuckles are a type of weapon that is used in hand-to-hand combat. They are made from pieces of metal that are specifically shaped to fit around a person’s knuckles. In addition to metal, they may also include materials like plastic or carbon fibers.

This weapon can cause a great deal of damage. When someone is hit by a person that is using this weapon, it can cause bones to fracture. If a person is hit by brass knuckles in the jaw, they can lose and or chip multiple teeth.

The History Of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles and similar weapons have been used across the world for centuries. Experts are unsure of where these weapons originated. They were used by the Nihang Sikhs in the 1700s, and they were used by the United States during the Civil War. They provided soldiers with a form of protection in case they were ever disarmed.

New Types Of Brass Knuckles

By the end of the 19th century, brass knuckles were incredibly popular. During this period of time, they were frequently referred to as “knuckledusters.” Some gun-makers incorporated brass knuckles into the guns that they made. The Apache revolver is one example of this. Knuckle knifes were also very popular.

Brass Knuckles Today

Today, people still use brass knuckles regularly. However, there have been some regulations passed regarding their usage. Some states have passed laws, like California, Michigan, and Vermont, have banned them outright. Other states, such as South Carolina, only forbid people from using brass knuckles to attack someone. Displaying them in your home is perfectly acceptable. Some people like to display older brass knuckles.

Brass knuckles are a dangerous weapon, but they are also a fascinating one. Unlike many other weapons, they have not evolved dramatically since they were first created. The basic design of this weapon has always remained the same.