A History Of Brass Knuckles

brass-knuckles-1258994_640Brass knuckles are a type of weapon that is used in hand-to-hand combat. They are made from pieces of metal that are specifically shaped to fit around a person’s knuckles. In addition to metal, they may also include materials like plastic or carbon fibers.

This weapon can cause a great deal of damage. When someone is hit by a person that is using this weapon, it can cause bones to fracture. If a person is hit by brass knuckles in the jaw, they can lose and or chip multiple teeth.

The History Of Brass Knuckles

Brass knuckles and similar weapons have been used across the world for centuries. Experts are unsure of where these weapons originated. They were used by the Nihang Sikhs in the 1700s, and they were used by the United States during the Civil War. They provided soldiers with a form of protection in case they were ever disarmed.

New Types Of Brass Knuckles

By the end of the 19th century, brass knuckles were incredibly popular. During this period of time, they were frequently referred to as “knuckledusters.” Some gun-makers incorporated brass knuckles into the guns that they made. The Apache revolver is one example of this. Knuckle knifes were also very popular.

Brass Knuckles Today

Today, people still use brass knuckles regularly. However, there have been some regulations passed regarding their usage. Some states have passed laws, like California, Michigan, and Vermont, have banned them outright. Other states, such as South Carolina, only forbid people from using brass knuckles to attack someone. Displaying them in your home is perfectly acceptable. Some people like to display older brass knuckles.

Brass knuckles are a dangerous weapon, but they are also a fascinating one. Unlike many other weapons, they have not evolved dramatically since they were first created. The basic design of this weapon has always remained the same.